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by Singles on June 13, 2013

sexy fuckbook girlsToday I break away from my invisible handcuffs and from now on I act on every desire and seize every opportunity because I take liberty and date any woman i like on fuckbook!

I had a crush on this beautiful blonde girl i met through fuckbook of sex, she was everything I desired in a girl but I just didn’t have the guts to tell her that I liked her. So I sat awkwardly on her couch and we watched Bridget Jones diary in complete silence. I wasn’t very good at the time with dates so she was doing most of the leading. As she held onto me while watching the film, she leaned over to me and as she did I smelt the beautiful honey scent perfume that was radiating from her neck. I realised that she wore that perfume because she was expecting me to make a move on her. As the night grew on I began to feel more and more frustrated that I wasn’t making the move. My mind was racing with worries and fears, I just felt like I couldn’t pluck up the courage to kiss her and I wanted to so badly.

As the night winded on and I went into the kitchen to get a drink, I could see that she was disappointed and that she wanted me to make a move. I then had an inspired thought and asked myself what would my friend do?

Make any fuckbook flirting situation work for you

I knew I had to do something. I had to take liberty of this situation. So I asked myself, what did I want right now? I felt sweaty and nervous so I wanted a shower. Then out of pure creativity and pure balls I decided to just get naked. She looked in horror “What the fuck are you doing?” I smiled at her “I’m getting a shower, come join me… I promise I’ll get you wet.” She scans my face for seriousness and then just dived on top of me and we made out. It was so passionate and exciting. I felt like a new man inside with the ability to just be completely free. After I got out the shower, I was feeling really hungry and desired a sandwich.

Instead of kindly asking if I could have a sandwich I took liberty just like my best friend would of if he wanted a sandwich. “I’m going to make myself a sandwich, show me where you keep the stuff.” I noticed that she began to relax as I made myself at home. Biting on my victory sandwich I realized that this was what it was like to take liberty to date any fuckbook girl i like, that this is what it was like to act on your desire. I swore from this day on that I would always act on my desire and seize all opportunities and I would take more liberty. It became more automatic as I went into her bedroom and got into her bed, she followed and we fucked again. The next day, I received a text and I will never forget what it said “Last night was amazing, never have I met such a guy that was completely relaxed and adventurous, other guys are always so tensed around me but you just made everything into an adventure and I generally felt more relaxed with you… You’re awesome.”

So that’s when I started to see the results of how taking liberty is an attractive dominant quality.


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